Christ Church Frederica
Annual Tour of Homes

About Us and Our Volunteers

2018 Tour of Homes Committees

The Annual Tour of Homes is a major Christ Church event where hundreds of members participate by donating their time and energy to raise funds for area charities. Listed below are the Tour Committee Chairs who organize the many volunteers.

Beth Smith
2018 Tour of Homes
Charlotte Graham
2018 Tour of Homes



Chair: Beth Smith
Charlotte Graham
House Selection: Ann Harrell
Parking: Te Turner
Transportation:  Fred Griffith, Henry Ansley
Private Buses: Avery Brooks
Bus Docents: Christine Plank
Printing: Beth Smith
House Chair: Sandy Rice
Webmaster & Online Ticket Sales: Jim Bruce
Treasurer: Beryl Blatchford
Ticket Sales: Bonney Shuman, Ed & Lynne Turner
Signage: Jim Watson, Mark Davis
Parish House Hospitality:  Catherine & Steve Holt
Celebration Party: Dianne Abernethy, Beth Thrift
Brochure Writing: Jane Watson
Proofreading: Christine Franklin, Susie Henning
Publicity, Marketing: Paige Peck, Susie Henning
Social Media: Susie Henning
Flowers: Annabelle McCaskill
Poster  Distribution: Billie Huggins
Grant Requests: Ethel Horton
ECW President: Jane Watson

  Name job 1 job 2
1 Abernethy, Dianne House Docent Mailings
2 Acree, Nancy Baked  
3 Alexander, Gerit House docent Baked
4 Allen, Linda House Docent  
5 Altman, Margaret Parish House  
6 Andrews, Alana Baked  
7 Bartlett, Bill Parking  
8 Brockway, Bob Parking  
9 Butler, Nancy Baked Parish
10 Bruce, Jim Parking  
11 Cansler, Sue Bus Docent  
12 Carley, Mickey Parking  
13 Carter, Micki House Chair  
14 Chubb, Anne Mailings  
15 Clart, Dottie House docent  
16 Collins, Pat Parish House Mailings
17 Cook, Light House docent  
18 Cowan, Gail House docent Bus Docent
19 Davis, Carol Parish House  
20 Davis, Dave Parking Mailings
21 Davis, Jackie Baked Mailings
22 Davis, Mark signs  
23 Dorsey, Margie House Docent  
24 Doyle, Jennie Baked  
25 Emery, Patsy Baked  
26 Fleming, Karen Bus Docent  
27 Fries, Patty House Docent Mailings
28 Harris, Bonney House Chair  
29 Imhoff, Susan House Chair  
30 Jones, Penny Parish H Mailings
31 Keys, Mary Beth St. Iggys  
32 Kriemborg, Sarah Parking Baked
33 Kriemborg, Tony Parking  
34 Lance, Judy Baked  
35 Little, Summer House Chair  
36 Lynch, Teddy House Chair  
37 MacKethan, Elsie Baked  
38 Malone, Claudia Baked  
39 McBride, Peg Parish H  
40 McKnight, Jean B. House Docent  
41 Miller, Judy House Docent Mailings
42 Montanes, Arnold House docent  
43 Nazzaro, Nancy Baked Parish
44 Porson, Sophia SSI docent PH
45 Ragsdale, George House Docent Parking
46 Raymond, Charlotte Parish H  
47 Reem, Vicki House docent  
48 Spangler, Theresa House Chair  
49 Stallworth, Jan Baked  
50 Storino, Sandy House Chair  
51 Talarico, Ann House Docent  
52 Talarico, Carmen House Docent  
53 Taylor, Brent Bus Docent Parking
54 Theobold, Bob Parking  
55 Turbidy, Jackie Baked  
56 Vinton, Pat Baked Parish
57 Wade, Jeanie Baked PH
58 Watson, Lee House Docent Baked
59 Williams, Katie House docent  
60 Winne, Clint Parking  
61 Wood, Bootie House docent Baked
62 Wooden, Dorothy anything  



Jane Watson Ann Harrell Avery Brooks
Christ Church ECW President Chair: House Selection Chair: Private Buses
Ed and LynnTurner Te Turner Jim Bruce
Chairs: Local Ticket Sales Chair: Parking Chair: Webmaster &  Web Ticket Sales
Susie Hodges Bonney Shuman Ethel Horton
Co Chair: Publicity, Marketing Chair: Mail-In Ticket Sales Chair: Grant Requests
Billie Huggins Jim Watson  
Chair: Poster Distribution Co Chair: Signage