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Annual Tour of Homes



The annual Tour of Homes depends on the generous participation of more than 300 church and community volunteers who donate their time and talents.

 (912) 638-8683
 Christ Church ECW, P.O. Box 20292,
St. Simons Island, Ga.

Annual Grant Program
Our Mission: To assist women and children in need,
Applications may be submitted each year from January 1 until 5:00 p.m. on
March 31.  








Tour of Homes 2022 Update
Our 2022 Outreach Campaign to fund Women & Children Grants has begun.

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With long lead times, big commitments and Covid uncertainty. the ECW has concluded that a Tour for 2022 is impractical. Instead we will again fundraise to benefit organizations serving women and children in our area. Generous donations last year from the CCF community and our neighbors ensured that charities that have depended for many years on funds from the Tour continued to receive our support.

Important Planning for the Tour of Homes in 2023
Also this spring (2022), we hope to kick off the planning process for TOH 2023. We have good reason to hope Covid won't be a barrier by 2023. But most urgently, a 2023 Tour will require women (or men, among the key contributors for many years) who are willing to lead. There's an experienced, organized and energetic team ready to do the work; we just need a Chair and Co-Chair. If you want to make TOH 2023 a reality and might consider leading an amazing team, please contact Kathryn Saunders. ECW President to learn more.


The 2021 Tour Outreach Fund Has Reached Our $30,000 goal!!  

We thank these generous donors who helped the Outreach Campaign to reach a $30,000 goal and provide funding for 2021 Charity Grant Awards.

PATRON $1000+ TOUR ANGEL  Up to $249 TOUR ANGEL  Up to $249 (cont.)
Tami and Van Black Dianne Abernethy Sophia Porson  
Carol and Mark Davis Alana Andrews Corinne Ramsey  
Ethel Horton Mr and Mrs Henry Ansley Vicki Ream  
Bonney and Billy Shuman Brenda & Frank Baker Douglas and Celia Rigby
Brooke and Rees Sumerford Alice and Fred Barlow Pam and Marion Rivers
James and Jane Watson Gay Barron Jane Rives  
2 Anonymous Laurie Bauer Paul and Annabelle Salter Jr.
Richard Bissinger Eugene and Sheila Scanlon
SUPPORTER  $500 to $999 Margo Booth Lynn Scott  
Maggie's Boutique Larry and Adeane Bregman Sara Sheffield  
Sara Smith and Charles Carley Laura Burnette Susan Shipman  
Candy and Burton Cooper Angie Burns Gerald F. Smith Jr.  
Tom & Chris Ernst Nancy Butler Elizabeth Snellings  
J. Littleton Glover Jr. Patricia Campana Rita Stevens  
Susie Henning Dottie Clark W. S. Stuckey  
Carolyn Janssen Patricia Collins Peter W. Sullivan  
Sarah Kreimborg Richard and Gail Cowan Floyd and Eva Taylor
George C. Patelidas Debbie Cushing David Lowe and Chris Triplett
Parker's Convenience Stores Barbara Debolt Jeanie Trotochaud  
Ed & Lynne Turner Bee Deloach Ralph and Jeannie Wade
2 Anonymous Godfrey and Rose Draviam Elizabeth Washington
Sally Essig Dr. Wm. Doyle and Dee Watson
FRIEND  $250 to $499 Page and Klara Faulk Susie Wetzel  
Linda and Phil Allen Richard and Karen Fleming Mildred H. Wilcox  
Beryl and David Blatchford Christine Franklin Claire Winne  
Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Brown Joanne Ghiloni Bonita Wright  
Jim & Barbara Bruce Peggy Goad Susan Lambert Yates
Sue and Chuck Cansler Rawson and Janet Gordon 8 Anonymous  
Margie and Bud Dorsey Frances Graves    
George and Margie Dorsey Sylvia Greenwood    
Leslie W. Dow Larry and Brenda Hartsell    
Godfrey and Rose Draviam B.R. Haughney    
Christine Edwards Betti Huckaby    
Susan Garrett Theresa Huss    
Julie and Kevin Hancock Eileen Hutcheson    
Billie Huggins Jeri Johns    
Susan Johnson Sally Jordan    
Janice Lamattina Col. Ulrich Keller    
Chip and Linka Lewis Ellen Kuehm    
Deb Luginbuhl Beverly Lassiter    
Claudia Malone Lynne Pappas Leif    
Hubert and Gail Manning Stewart M Long Jr.    
Gayle and Albert McAlister Elsie Mackethan    
Christine H. Plank Claudia Malone    
Lilmar Properties Anna Belle McCaskill    
Angela Scott Jeanne and John McConnell    
Vicki Skywark Elizabeth McDermitt    
Sherry Stiteler Jackie S. McLain    
Robert Theobald Richard and Sharon Moser    
Bess and Shannon Thompson Hollera Nielsen    
Star W. Wheeler Ken Novak    
Joe and Pat Wilkinson Natalie Overman    
Evelyn and Royce Wood Rhonda O’Hagan    
2 Anonymous Helen and CE Peppiatt    



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