Christ Church, Frederica
Episcopal Church Women (ECW)
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Our Mission: To assist women and children in need,
whether educational, medical, or basic survival needs.

Thank you for your interest in our grant program. 
Please review our Grant Eligibility Information carefully prior to submitting a request.
If you have questions please contact the ECW Charity Grants Committee.


Following please find our Grant Eligibility Information.  Grants will only be considered for those who meet the Eligibility Requirements.

General Information
We are a non-profit, Christian organization, which makes grants to non-profit, tax-exempt, charitable organizations and ministries, which are exempt under Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code.  Our mission is to be a lasting, effective, and compassionate charitable resource for agencies in our local community that respond to critical needs.

Grant Cycle
Applications may be submitted from January 1 thru March 31 for current year Grants.

Focus Areas
As prescribed in our mission statement, we will consider organizations serving people in need, especially women and children.

Geographical Restrictions
Requests will be considered only for agencies or their representatives from our local community.

Other Restrictions
The Christ Church ECW will not consider the following for grants:

 - Organizations that do not meet the charitable status requirements of IRS Code 501 (c) (3).
 - Individuals
 - Individual Scholarships
 - Offsetting deficits in the general operating budget.
 - Debt reduction or previously incurred deficits for any reason
 - Business Ventures
 - Loans
 - Endowments
 - Political organizations of any kind.

What To Do Once You’ve Determined Your Eligibility
Once you have thoroughly reviewed our Grant Eligibility Requirements and determined your project meets our criteria, you must submit a proposal in the specific format provided.

If you have questions please contact the ECW Charity Grants Committee.

Click here to submit an application.